Broomfield Academy
Broomfield Academy is a supportive and caring community, and we pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to each student and their families.
Dear Families and Friends,
Broomfield Academy will close its doors at the end of this school year. The small class sizes, world languages, art, technology, swimming, PE and a terrific staff with diverse talents to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners are base components of Broomfield Academy. To provide anything less would be a restructuring of our philosophy that we are unable to do at this time.
We have pride in the ten years we have offered a quality program to families who were looking for a school, for whatever reason, other than their neighborhood public school. We are proud of the members of our staff who have passionately taught their students, giving each what was needed as well as a love for learning. We thank our families and the students who have been part of our community, making this a unique and exciting home for learning about math, reading, the world, science, and everything else but especially ourselves and each other.

Broomfield Academy


At Broomfield Academy, teachers create individualized learning goals for each child. This is done to assure that there is a plan in place to develop every aspect of a child’s learning needs.

Accelerated Learning

Broomfield Academy class sizes are small, and students typically achieve at an average academic standard of one grade level above in core academic subjects.


This element is often cited as "the missing ingredient" in school systems today. In more traditional settings, students may spend much of their class time using convergent thinking skills – to come up with the ‘correct answer.’

BROOMFIELD ACADEMY’s small class sizes provide individual learners an environment to become exceptional, accelerated, and creative.

Thank you very much for looking at Broomfield Academy as the possible place for your child to achieve great success in education and set the stage for even greater success later in life, a decision which builds the foundation for life-long success.  As you read through the pages of this website, please realize that the best way to fully understand what Broomfield Academy has to offer for your child and your family is to schedule a visit of our school, to meet some of our staff, and to see what is happening in our classrooms.

Throughout our campus, you will see our curriculum and programs provide students with an experience that will help them to be creative, to excel and to encourage them to explore learning throughout their lifetime. At Broomfield Academy, the potential for achievement is unlimited through a combination of dedicated effort, interests, and opportunity.

Pool Building
Technology Class
Art Class
The Den - Trunk or Treat
The Den - First Friday Assembly

Broomfield Academy has a great amount of outdoor space to run, explore, and develop both physical and social skills, all while enjoying the beautiful Colorado days. Students also have daily outdoor time to engage in individual or group activities.

The school has a full-sized soccer and running field, large playgrounds with two age-appropriate play structures for younger and older students, swings and a sandbox/play area. There is a large surface area for playing basketball, four-square, and other games. Younger students may use scooters, tricycles, in addition to an ever-changing active outdoor classroom.

Playground - PE
The Field - PE
West Building
Science Fair
Dance Class Performance

With small class sizes, our students and staff are truly a community, familiar with students of all grade levels and family members (including pets).

Broomfield Academy is a supportive and caring community, and we pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to each student and their families.

We encourage you to call and set a time to visit so that we may introduce you to Broomfield Academy.