Broomfield Academy
The mission of Broomfield Academy is to provide an individualized education helping children be exceptional, accelerated and creative.
At Broomfield Academy, we believe that our unique blend of academic and social goals helps our students to become truly exceptional.
At Broomfield Academy, teachers create individualized learning goals for each child to help develop every aspect of a child’s learning needs.
Dear Families and Friends,
Broomfield Academy will close its doors at the end of this school year. The small class sizes, world languages, art, technology, swimming, PE and a terrific staff with diverse talents to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners are base components of Broomfield Academy. To provide anything less would be a restructuring of our philosophy that we are unable to do at this time.
We have pride in the ten years we have offered a quality program to families who were looking for a school, for whatever reason, other than their neighborhood public school. We are proud of the members of our staff who have passionately taught their students, giving each what was needed as well as a love for learning. We thank our families and the students who have been part of our community, making this a unique and exciting home for learning about math, reading, the world, science, and everything else but especially ourselves and each other.

Broomfield Academy

Welcome to Broomfield Academy
a unique setting for learners 3-years old through Middle School.

An individualized education helping children be exceptional, accelerated and creative.
Broomfield academy develops active learners by encouraging individual students to expand their interests through advanced enrichment experiences.
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What makes Broomfield Academy Unique:
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Indoor Pool
The indoor salt water pool is warm year-round. Our pool is one of the locations for our annual Junior Triathlon.
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Each classroom has interactive white boards for both teachers and students to present information. Our classroom sizes range from 10 - 15 students. The smaller size allows for more direct one-on-one student to teacher contact as well as collaboration. Students are given more opportunities for feedback and participation.
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A unique preschool which offers the best of both worlds - academics and play - for the well rounded child.
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Broomfield Academy has a strong connection to our community.
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Is integrated throughout the curriculum. Our reading philosophy focuses on nurturing students to become lifelong readers.


Is an age-appropriate tool for demonstrating understanding throughout all curricular areas.


Following routine observations, teachers design programs that meet the individual needs of their students.


Through the science curriculum, students gain essential skills and knowledge to become familiar with the natural world.


Students learn about themselves, their families and friends, their community, state, region and country.


Based on research in natural language acquisition, this curriculum is designed to maintain a high level of interest.


Movement and listening activities are incorporated into the hands-on music curriculum.


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. - Martin Luther King, Jr.